Hilfe – Wieso kränkelt mein Kind dauernd?

Dear parents – you are wondering why your child brings home all infections from kindergarten, after-school care or school, is it limp, suffers from anorexia, is always pale or develops allergies?

That could be related to the immune system!

I was lucky enough to grow up in the country. I played a lot outdoors and came into contact with enough dirt and grime. I was also born naturally and was breastfed.

Too much information? Yes, maybe – but not entirely unimportant,

Did you know that your child’s immune system first has to develop and was not included as an optional extra when it was born?

At birth, humans have only one general defense and the first “vaccination” takes place through natural birth. In the course of life we ​​come into contact with various pathogens – depending on whether we have been breastfed, how we eat, depending on our way of life and our environment – and in this way develop our specific immune defense within the first few years of life.

Was your child born by a caesarean section and was it not breastfed? Then two decisive factors are missing that are crucial for the formation of the microbiome, ie the diversity of bacteria in the intestine, and this can disrupt the important immune defense. Are you overly careful and always wipe everything very thoroughly with disinfectant? This can be another factor for a weakened immune system, because your child cannot come into contact with pathogens and strengthen their defenses.

Since about 70-80% of the immune system is located in the intestine, a healthy intestinal flora, for example, is absolutely necessary for the successful defense against most pathogens.

A disturbed intestinal flora or an imbalance of the microbiome does not have to make itself felt through digestive complaints but can – as described – show itself through susceptibility to infections, skin complaints and behavioral problems.

Now you are about to become parents and a caesarean section is planned or your child has already been born by caesarean section and / or is not breastfed? Then do something good for your child and give him something for the intestines, for example a good probiotic product!

Your child is older and keeps getting sick? Then please always think about a disturbed intestinal flora.

In summary, the first years of life are very decisive for our well-being and our health or, in other words, later illnesses can have their causes in early childhood.

Naturheilpraxis auf dem Strand-Hof